English Premier League

The English Premier League (EPL) has quickly become one of the most popular soccer leagues in the entire world. The EPL only started back in 1992 with the very first game taking place on August 15th 1992. When the league initially started there we’re 22 teams, but the league only wanted to have 20 teams so during the off-season in the 1994/1995 season 4 teams combined into only 2 teams making the league have a total of 20 teams.
English Premier League
By having only 20 teams in the English Premier League they we’re able to ensure that the talent on each team would be only the best soccer players. During the beginning of the EPL there were hardly any international players, but now the league is filled with international talent from every corner of the globe. With sponsorships and televised games the English Premier League was able to become one of the biggest and most watched soccer leagues ever.

The English Premier League starts every year in August and finishes in May. Each of the 20 teams play a total of 38 matches with half the games at there home stadium and the other half on the road. At the end of the season the team who has accumulated the most amount of points wins the league. Over the years that the English Premier League has been running there haven’t been many champions. There are only a handful of teams each year who compete for the championship title and the other teams are usually much further behind in the standings. The top team in the EPL is Manchester United who has never finished worth then third place and have won 10 championship titles.

English Premier League Teams

• Arsenal
• Manchester United
• Middlesbrough
• Aston Villa
• Blackburn Rovers
• Newcastle United
• Portsmouth
• Bolton Wonderers
• Stoke City
• Chelsea
• Everton
• Sunderland
• Fulham
• Tottenham Hotspur
• Hull City
• West Bromwich Albion
• West Ham United
• Liverpool
• Manchester United
• Wigan Athletic

The EPL is one of the most widely bet on sports and millions of people around the world wager on this soccer league throughout the season. There is tons of action in the league, and with about a half dozen teams who are superior over the rest of the league it can make for some easy money. Of course you won’t make as much betting on only the favorites, but if you’re just looking to pull a small profit throughout the year then the EPL has some of the easiest games to bet on.

The season is just over half way through right now so you can still sign-up with an online sportsbook and bet on the remaining of the season. If you need some help with the types of bets you can make in soccer and the EPL then you can check out our guide on soccer bets. Before wagering on any of the games you should make sure that you have done your research. Some things to research before the game would be injuries, standings of the teams, odds and anything else you think would be important.