A look inside the Premier League

The Barclay Premier League has been around since 1992, and currently has 20 teams. Manchester United has won the last three championships, after Chelsea won two straight. David James of England has played in the most ever Premier League games, with 570. Alan Shearer has 73 more goals than the second most, in the history of the career league. Shearer has scored 260 goals, while Andrew Cole has knocked in 187. Chelsea and Manchester United are the top two teams thus far in the Premier League. Chelsea has 77 points, while Manchester United sits just behind them, at 76. Arsenal is the next best team, with 71 points. At the bottom of the standings, sits Hull City (28), Burnley (27) and Portsmouth (15).

Wayne Rooney is the leading goal scorer in the Premier League. He has knocked in 26 goals, just one ahead of Didier Drogba. Rooney also leads the league in shots, with 176. Darren Bent has scored 23 goals, while Carlos Tevez has 22 and Jermain Defore has 18. The leading assist man within the Premier League is Cese Fabregas, with 13. Frank Lampard and James Milner both have 12, while Didier Drogba and Craig Bellamy are tied in fourth place with 8.

There are some quality matches this weekend within the Premier League. On Saturday, Manchester United will take on Tottenham Hotspur, Bolton Wanderers and Portsmouth will get together, Hull City vs. Sunderland, West Ham United vs. Wigan Athletic, Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Blackburn Rovers and Arsenal vs. Manchester City. Sunday will be some more great action, when Aston Villa takes on Birmingham, Burnley battles Liverpool, Everton faces off with Fulham and Chelsea will play against Stoke City.

In the Premier League, each team plays all the others twice. They will play every team at home, and on the road for a total of 38 matches. Each win is rewarded three points, while one point is given for a draw. The winner of the tournament at the end of the season; postseason is awarded the trophy, which was created by Royal Jewelers of Asprey of London. It weighs 56lbs and made of sterling silver. The final regular season game of the 2010 Premier League season is slated for Sunday May 9th, 2010.