Barca dances with delight once again at Madrid

There’s nothing wrong with Real Madrid, a squad of talented footballers with perhaps the second best player in the sport and the second best roster in the sport. The problem is that the best player plays for the best team, and that squad is none other than FC Barcelona.

That depressing truth was on display once again in Madrid on Wednesday when Barca took a 2-1 victory back from the hallowed turf of Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The “Clasico” victory was Barca’s second at Bernabeu in a month, and brings their winning streak to six of nine against Madrid under Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho. The bad news didn’t end their for Mourinho, either. Real defenseman Pepe could be in for a suspension and hefty fine after he stomped on the hand of the world’s top footballer for three consecutive years, Lionel Messi. This isn’t the first time Pepe has acted violently during a “Clasico” matchup, and Mourinho is prepared to punish his player if need be.

“If [the kick was] intentional then it’s punishable,” Mourinho explained to the media after the loss.

Others around Europe noticed as well. Manchester United star Wayne Rooney even chimed in over the internet via Twitter, saying “Pepe. What an idiot.”

Messi’s teammate, Barca midfielder Xavi, was saddened that the referee didn’t see the incident, and incensed that such play occurs.

“Unfortunately these are plays that are there but the referee didn’t see,” he said. “That was brutal.”

The good news for all football fans is that Messi avoided serious injury, and will be looking to propel the defending world champions–who also racked up a European championship and La Liga crown last year–ahead of Madrid in the Spanish League standings. Madrid currently rests five points ahead of Barca for this year’s La Liga lead.

As for the continued dominance at Santiago Bernabeu by Barca, manager Pep Guardiola insists his squad’s luck will run out at some point.

“Sooner or later this has to end,” he said. “There’s no way you can continue such a streak in such an important [stadium].”

Whether or not you believe the humble coach is up to you. Evidence suggests he might not lose another game any time soon.