Chelsea and Willian appear to be perfect match

Pursuing Brazilians as additions is all the rage so far this year, and Chelsea, never a squad to lose the battle of the headlines, is looking to add scoring midfielder Willian. The 23-year-old South American currently plies his trade in the Ukraine for Shakhtar Donetsk, and has been on Chelsea’s radar for about six months now. One previous offer of almost 17 million Pounds was rejected by Shakhtar, but should a better transfer fee be worked out between the two teams, Willian would be more than happy to change jerseys.

Earlier this week Willian spoke glowingly of his possible new team to reporters.

“Chelsea are known as one of the biggest and most successful clubs around,” he said. “To play for them is a challenge I would accept and enjoy. If a deal doesn’t go through, I’ll understand. But I hope it happens. They have a culture of winning trophies and that excites me.”

Aside from wanting to join a winner in the world’s top professional football league, there are additional positives to moving to London.

“I have friends in the Brazil side who play for Chelsea, like David [Luiz] and Ramires,” explained Willian. “All they talk about is the thrill of being in a city like London and playing for a club like Chelsea. I’ve known David since we played together in the Brazil Under-20 side and he talks about what Villas-Boas is trying to build at Chelsea. He and Ramires feel he wants a core of young players who can mature and grow together but also be successful. David says how the coach takes a real interest in all his players, how he can adapt different cultures together and bring the best out of them.”

Willian also feels he’s ready to play in the Premier League without and glitches thanks to his familiarity with the English style of play.

“I wouldn’t have any fears about coming to England because I have played against English sides in the Champions League and studied the English game,” he said. “To play in a league that is seen throughout the world would be good for my hopes of playing regularly for Brazil, especially with the World Cup at home in two years’ time. That is my aim. I’ve worked hard for four years to establish myself in the national team. It has taken that long but now I feel I have a good relationship with the coach and I want to keep working hard, so I remain in the side. If the next step of the adventure is England, then I would be excited by that.”

Like most things in life, the decision will ultimately come down to cash. Should Chelsea deem Willian worth more than their previous transfer offer, they’ll most likely land the young, promising playmaker. While Shakhtar boss Sergei Palkin stated this week that the club has no “burning desire” to move Willian, he did concede the possibility of the move is out there.

‘If it weren’t for our good relationship with Chelsea — and Willian does not hide his intention to test himself in one of the best clubs in the English Premier League — we would insist on the £29 million release clause written into the player’s contract. It is important to understand that we are talking about Chelsea’s desire to buy Willian, but not Shakhtar’s desire to sell him.”

The ball is squarely in Chelsea’s court.