Fabrice Muamba showing slow signs of recovery after collapse

It’s not normal for a young man in any sort of shape to suffer a heart attack, but what happened to British midfielder Fabrice Muamba is beyond shocking. The 23-year-old collapsed in the middle of a match for his Bolton squad against Tottenham on March 17, despite being a physical specimen training and performing at the highest level of athletics. After medics immediately attempted to get Muamba’s heart beating while still on the pitch and failed, the Zaire-born midfielder miraculously regained a pulse once in the hospital. If early signs of recovery are to be believed, he may not be done with his incredible revival.

Muamba, on Monday, was able to breathe on his own and displayed the ability to respond to family members. His early recovery has allowed the medical professionals providing him with care to reclassify his status from “critical” to “serious.”

Muamba’s club, Bolton, and the London Chest Hospital, where he’s being cared for, released a joint statement describing his progress.

“[Muamba] is continuing to show signs of improvement this evening. He is now able to breathe independently without the aid of a ventilator. He has also been able to recognize family members and respond to questions appropriately.

“These are all positive signs of progress. However, his condition remains serious and the medical staff in intensive care will continue to monitor and treat him.”

According to friends and teammates, Muamba has been speaking a few words in English and French. The positive news comes after an overwhelming show of support from around the globe streamed across all modes of media. In response, Muamba’s fiancee Shuana–with whom he has a three-year-old son, took to Twitter to update her future husband’s fans across the world.

“All your prayers are working people thank u so so much. Every prayer makes him stronger. To God be the glory,” she wrote.

Owen Coyle, Muamba’s manager at Bolton, spoke glowingly of the response the world and Muamba’s family have put forth to the dramatic events of the past few days..

“There is a real hope he can come through this,” said Coyle. “When situations like this occur there is a real strength, a real unity, a real togetherness … that has given (the family) an incredible energy. That source of energy that everyone is giving off is really bringing them together as a family, and that is important for Fabrice’s well-being.”