Mexico backs the United States hosting World Cup

The United States has the support of their biggest rival in an effort to host the 2018 or 2022 World Cup. Mexico stated this week that they would like to see the World Cup come to the United States for many reasons. President of the Mexican Football Federation, Justino Compean stated the United States has the best chance in the region and should be strongly backed.

The top choices for the World Cup are Russia, England and Australia, along with the United States for the 2018 tournament. For the 2022 portion, Spain-Portugal, Netherlands-Belgium and South Korea join the crew looking to get the bid. The selections will be made in December of 2010.

The United States has been in contact with 18 stadiums throughout the country for possible venues. Phoenix has been discussed as a city to be removed from the list, for their lack of attendance at recent games throughout the season. Their lack of support has been disheartening for many of the cities residents.

In other World Cup news, the South African team, in an effort to bolster scoring has been offered an incentive for scoring goals during this World Cup. In the last two years, the South African team has scored just 32 goals in 34 matches. So for this year, the South African Football Association has offered one million rand, which equals $136,000 in American dollars, to split among all the players on the team.

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has recently discussed a return to play for England just in time for the 2010 World Cup. The English team is also dealing with a possible injury to captain Rio Ferdinand, with a back injury, as well as Ledley King, with a banged up knee.

Lastly, sad news came from the Portugal National team, who lost Guillermo Meza to a slaying in Mexico. He was driving his car, and was robbed and then killed in Mexico City. Meza was 21 years old.