Struggling Rangers hot after pair of Brazilian stars

No relegation, please. That appears to be the message that QPR management is sending by flirting with bringing on not one but two star Brazilian national teamers. The two names to know are Alex and Henrique (remember, they’re Brazilian, so they don’t need two stinkin’ names like the rest of us). The team’s new manager, Mark Hughes, has confirmed that QPR is in deep negotiations with the pair of talented South Americans. Both are quite accomplished, and have impressive resumes. Alex had a falling out with Chelsea this past November after he asked for a transfer, and has been in purgatory since. He has voiced a desire to return to his home country, but also has been in talks of varying depth with fellow European squads Juventus and Paris St. Germain, so hope remains for the 18th-ranked QPR team to land the 29-year-old Premier League veteran.

Hughes hopes to add Alex soon, and has had a serious conversation about the matter.

“I think talks are ongoing,” said Hughes. “I spoke to the [Alex] yesterday and went through what we’re trying to do here and my feelings towards him as a player. I have a huge regard for what he could do for us here. Things have to fall into place before you can get the player over the line. Until I get an update, that’s as much as I know.”

That’s not the only move Hughes is looking into, however.

“The hope is that we can get number of the deals done,” said Hughes. “Ideally that would be sooner rather than later but I can’t tell you if that’s going to happen anytime soon.”

At least Henrique looks a bit more likely than Alex at this point, given his positive comments about Hughes’s playing career earlier this week.

“[Bringing in Henrique] seems to be progressing,” Hughes explained. “We’re hoping to conclude that. He’s the type of player it would be good to attract to the club if we can. Those are the type that can sustain you in the future so if we do those deals I think that will help us.”

In the meantime, QPR looks to do what it can with its current roster to get out of the bottom three, where relegation awaits. The good news, aside from the potential new teammates coming soon, is that Blackburn and Wolverhampton stand just above them in the tables by goal differential and just one point, respectively.