World Cup Official Schedule

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa is coming right up. With just two weeks to go, teams are finalizing their official rosters and participating in some final exhibition games to get geared up to take the biggest prize in the game of soccer. The event starts on June 11th with the hosts South Africa taking on Mexico. Here is the entire listing of schedules for the event.

While the hosts and Mexico kick-off the tournament, day 1 also provides Uruguay and France will go at it as well. Day 2 (June 12) will see three games, starting with group B – Argentina taking on Nigeria, while South Korea will battle Greece. Group C will see one match played on Day 2 as well, as the United States will start their action against England. Day 3 (June 13) will feature Algeria and Slovenia, to finish up group C. Group D will play both their first round games as Germany and Australia collide, along with Serbia and Ghana. Day 4 (June 14) will see Group E play their two games: Netherlands vs. Denmark and Japan vs. Cameroon. The final game of day 4 will be played between Italy and Paraguay. Day 5 (June 15) features New Zealand and Slovokia, as well as Brazil/North Korea and Ivory Coast and Portugal. The final two games of the initial round features Spain against Switzerland and Honduras against Chile on Day 6 (June 16).

Also on June 16th, the hosts South Africa will take on Uruguay. Day 7 (June 17) sees Argentina vs. South Korea, Greece vs. Nigeria and France vs. Mexico. Day 8 (June 18) has Germany and Serbia, Solvenia and the United States and finally England and Algeria. Day 9 (June 19) the Netherlands against Japan, Ghana vs. Australia and Cameroon against Denmark. Day 10 (June 20) sees Slovakia against Paraguay, Italy against New Zealand and Brazil against the Ivory Coast. Day 11 (June 21): Portugal vs. North Korea, Chile vs. Switzerland and Spain against Honduras. Day 12 (June 22): Mexico/Uruguay, France/South Africa, Greece/Argentina and Nigeria/South Korea.

Day 13 (June 23) features Solvenia and England, USA and Algeria, and Australia against Serbia. Day 14 (June 24): Slovakia/Italy, Paraguay/New Zealand, Cameroon against Netherlands and Denmark against Japan. June 25thfinishes the group stage with North Korea against Ivory Coast, Portugal vs. Brazil, Switzerland vs. Honduras and Chile against Spain.

The second round will take place between June 26th and June 29th. The Quarterfinals are played July 2nd and 3rd. The Semi-Finals games are July 6 th and 7th. Third place game will be played on July 10th and the title game on July 11th, for a full month of World Cup soccer!