Types of Soccer Bets

There are numerous different bets you can make on the sport of soccer using an online sportsbook and you should become familiar with the bets so you know what your options are in each game. We’re going to look at the major soccer bets performed on a daily basis and define them so you know exactly what you can bet on in soccer.

Match Odds
Match Odds is the simplest and most common bet seen in soccer and simply is a choice between the home team, away team or draw. There are no requirements other then choosing one of the following and setting how much you want to wager on the bet.


Over/Under is another common bet in the Basketball Sportsbook the soccer sportsbook that allows you to choose whether or not you think a team will go above a given number of points. For instance, Manchester United could have an over/under set at 2.5 which means if you think they’ll score 3 or more goals you choose over and if you think they’ll score 2 or fewer goals then you’d bet under.

Total Goals

This bet is just like the bet above the only difference though is that you need to choose over/under on both teams in the game and not just one team. If Manchester United and Arsenal are playing the total goals could be 4.5 which mean if you think the game is going to have 5 or more goals you’d pick over and if you think both teams will score fewer then 4 goals you’d choose under.

Exact Game Score

This isn’t a wise bet that you want to make, but it’s an option. You can bet on the exact score of a game and if correct you get paid off good although the chances of making the right prediction are tough. Only regulation time counts when making this bet and over time doesn’t count towards this bet.

Half-Time Score

Same as the last bet you need to choose what you think the score of a given game will be at half-time. Not a bet that I recommend, but if you think you have a solid prediction on a game then go for it because it generally pays well.

First Goal

If you think you can predict who will score the first goal in a game then you can make this bet on most games as well although it isn’t a bet I suggest unless you’re just having fun with it.

To Win To Nil

This bet is a great bet when you have a defensive powerhouse playing a weaker team. The bet consists of choosing the winning team in a game, but that isn’t it. The other team can’t score any goals in the game in order for you to win the bet.

Draw No Bet

You choose the team you think is going to win the game and if the game ends in a tie you get your money back. This type of bet doesn’t payout very well, but it does cover you in the event of a draw which happens often in soccer.

Asian Handicap

You can make a few different bets under the Asian handicap rules and there as followed. The first bet is like the draw no bet with no difference. The second bet is a +1/-1 spread, if you think the favorite will win by two or more you’d choose the favorite and if you think the underdog won’t lose by more then two goals you would choose the underdog. The final bet you can make is the same as the one above although instead of a +1/-1 spread you need to deal with a +1.5/-1.5 spread.