World Cup Odds

Listed below are the most up-to-date 2010 World Cup odds. When you sign up today at any of our featured online sportsbooks to bet on the WorldCup, you will receive an exclusive bonus offer.

In the above list of World Cup Odds, the lines are really simple to understand and all you need to look at is the sign in front of the actual odds. If the sign is a (+) then the house pays the juice whereas if the sign is a (-) you’ll pay the juice. In the above example if you bet on England to win and wagered $100 you would win $150 if they win. If you picked Brazil to win you would need to bet $110 in order to win $100 and if you picked a draw and the game ended in a draw then you would win $200 on a $100 wager.

If you’re making a wager on certain bets then you might find that the odds are posted differently. For instance, if you’re betting on who you think is going to win the World Cup then you might find the odds posted as followed on the sportsbook.

  • England – 5/1
  • Brazil – 12/1
  • Greece – 50/1

In the above example if you picked England to win the World Cup you’d be paid 5 units for your 1 unit. If you picked Greece to win the World Cup and they managed to pull through and win as an underdog then you would win 50 units on your 1 unit. This means if you bet $100 on Greece to win and they did you would win $5000.

Reading the odds for the World Cup is really simple and you shouldn’t have any problem figuring out how much money you’re going to make on your wager. Some websites have calculators and most sportsbook online will show you how much your wager would make before you actually make the bet so you can always use one of those methods as well to make it simple.

The odds are really important to pay attention to because you don’t just want to bet on a team who is a massive favourite to win. If you bet on a team who has the odds of -1000 then you would only win $10 on every $100 you wagered. Even if the team does win it isn’t worth the risk because the reward is so small. You should always look for valuable underdogs when possible and the way to tell if the team is an underdog is by looking to see if the odds are posted with a (+).

With the futures odds already posted on some online sportsbooks it won’t be long before all of the bets will be open for wagering so make sure you start looking at the odds and finding the value in underrated teams so you’re ready for 2010.