World Cup Terminology

Being able to read and more importantly understand the odds you’re reading is the number one thing you need to learn before you can bet on any sport. If you want to be prepared to bet on the World Cup in 2010 then you need to make sure you can read the odds posted by websites and books so you can understand what you’re looking at. The odds are really easy to read once you understand what they mean so take a look at the example below.

  • England +150 vs. Brazil -110 Draw +200

There are some terms you need to learn for when you’re watching and betting on the World Cup and we’re going to take a peak at some of them. If you want to understand some of the terms used by the broadcasters then make sure you read below as well as if you need to learn the betting lingo used during the World Cup. It’s important to learn or have this page handy during the World Cup so that you always understand what you’re reading.

  • Wager/Bet/Action – These terms are all used to describe any sort of money being placed on an outcome
  • Favourite – The favourite is a term used to describe the team who should win the game
  • Underdog – The term underdog is used to describe the team who should lose the game
  • Juice – A fee you pay to your bookie when betting on the favourite to win
  • Parlay – A parlay is a wager with 2 or more events on the same ticket
  • System – A proven method of betting which has shown to be profitable over a period of time
  • Arbitrage – Using two bookies in order to guarantee profits on a game
  • Booking – The term used when the ref hands out a yellow card to a player in a match
  • Clean Sheet – Term used to describe when the goalie hasn’t let in any goals in the match
  • Dead Ball – The term dead ball is used to describe a free kick
  • Golden Goal – The term used to describe a goal scored in overtime during a match
  • Injury Time – The time that is added at the end of the first half and second half is known as injury time and also known as stoppage time
  • Offside – A term used to describe when a player is past the last defender before the ball is kicked. Going offside results in losing possession.
  • PK – Short form for a penalty kick
  • Sending Off – Term used to describe when a player has been issued a red card and kicked out of the match
  • Striker – Term used to describe a player who generally scores a lot of goals
  • Tackle – Term used to describe the act of trying to steal the ball from your opponent

If you aren’t use to watching soccer then listening to the broadcasters can become difficult because they always use soccer lingo while talking about the game. If you want to understand exactly what’s going on while watching the World Cup then you need to make sure you read over the above list of terminology twice. The terms will help you not only understand what the broadcasters are saying, but you will also be able to understand all of the lingo on online betting forums and websites.

Thousands of people will be posting up World Cup picks within the next year as the 2010 World Cup is closing in on us so it’s important to be able to understand what these people will be saying. If you want to make money next year during the World Cup then you need to spend a bit of time learning the basics.